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Sometimes training in the gym or outside can be difficult, especially for those who suffer pain in the gym or those who maybe body conscious, so a water workout could be an ideal solution to achieve the maximum benefits with the smallest effort.

There are a number of water based aerobic exercises that can be done to deliver an effective workout, away from the traditional water based exercise of swimming activities such as Aquagym and Hydrobike which are derived from common disciplines practised on land but conducted in the water.

So why would you choose a water workout?

A reduction of pressure on the joints
The density of the water helps to decrease the stress on muscles and joints and also helps the speed and recovery of the motor skills after an injury. These benefits of a water work out is ideal for those who suffer from health problems such as arthritis, and those who can’t exert their joints such as the elderly, pregnant women and those who are overweight.

Faster results
Water provides significant resistance compared to a standard workout, in some cases up to double the amount, this resistance ensures that muscular effort rises and at the same time lowering the perception of work due to the soaking effect on the body. In addition thanks to the increase in resistance and the density of the water reduces the risk of injury.

Improves cardiovascular health
The pressure of the water on the lower body helps to reduce strain on the heart, as this helps the bloodstream move towards the heart, reactivating the circulation. Furthermore, exercising in water helps the heart to pump more blood per each heartbeat which in turn strengthens the heart muscle leading to a reduced risk of heart attack.

Naturally diving into water produces a calming effect in the body, it helps to decrease stress and increase physical energy, whilst physical training in water is a fantastic way to stay fit and burn calories.

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