Jacuzzi Hot Tubs For Holiday Parks

Jacuzzi hot tubs are designed for constant efficiency and immediate use while ensuring utmost hygiene and guaranteeing the easiest maintenance possible resulting in an experience that becomes an asset to your business.

Suitable for both freestanding and built in installations Jacuzzi Lodge range of spas fits easily into any environment and with the simplistic design creates the perfect complement to any surroundings. Lodge spas also benefits from QuickDrain® and Complete Drain technology which allows you to completely empty the hot tub for cleaning within 20 minutes.

Further features include a lockable, easy to use control panel, LED lighting to create the perfect lighting to heighten your guests hot tub experience, and ClearRay™ water purification utilises UV technology to remove 99.9% of water borne pathogens in turn reducing the amount of water maintenance.

All Jacuzzi Lodge spas are compliant with HSE HSG282 Section 76.