Hot Tubs FAQ

To help you with the purchase of your hot tub we have listed some of the most common questions we get asked about hot tubs:

What is the electricity consumption? 
15 kw per day
How much will a Hot Tub cost to run?
Less than 80 pence per day / £5.40 per week
How much will the cleaning chemicals cost per month?
Less than £5 per month
What electrical supply is required?
16, 20, or 32 Amps, depending on the model.
How will the hot tub be delivered?
The hot tub will be delivered on a specialist trailer. The hot tub will mounted sideways on to a spa trolley, so the depth of the hot tub will become the width.
Can I install the electrical supply myself?
No. A registered electrician will need to visit and install a suitably rated RCD / circuit breaker (fuse) in your electrical consumer unit and run a cable to near your spa. Don't worry about this, because it is no more complex, or expensive, than installing a outdoor water feature i.e. fountain pump. 
What is the weight of a Hot Tub empty?
What is the weight of a Hot Tub full?
What distributed load is required when I build a patio or deck?
Min. 320 kg/m2 (66 lb/sq.ft)
I do not have a garden access; how do I get the spa into my rear garden?
You may have to hire a full size crane. This can be anywhere between £275 and £900 dependant on the size of crane required. Hot Tub Village can organise difficult installations on behalf of their customers.
Do I need to have water connected all the time? 
No. Just fill from a garden hose and top up as required. We recommend changing the water every 3 months, or sooner if you like.
Can I install my spa in a conservatory or pool closure?
Can I use the spa immediately after I apply the first dose of chemicals?
No. You must wait for 12 hrs after first applying the chlorine. It will need this time to heat-up from cold anyway. The initial dose of sanitizer is higher than when the spa is in use in order to ensure that any bacteria present in the plumbing system of the spa is destroyed. Full information will be included in your Hot Tub Village Starter Pack.
What maintenance is required and how long does it take?
20 minutes a week (on all other models) to check water condition and add chemicals as required. Half an hour a month to clean the filter and 2 hours every 3 months to empty and refill the spa. Every 6 months to a year oil the cabinet.
How long does the filter last?
This is dependent on usage of the spa and the degree of maintenance to the filter.
How are chemicals introduced to the spa?
After testing the water (e.g. with a tester strip). Sanitizer (Chlorine or Bromine) is simply sprinkled into the spa. PH plus (Soda Ash) or PH minus (Sodium Bisulphate) should be pre-diluted in a bowl of warm water and then poured into the spa (the warm water may be taken out from the spa!). Watch our simple guide and video on hot tub chemicals.
If your spa model does not have 24hr continual filtration, then you should ensure that the low speed pump is running when adding chemicals, to ensure that they are carried throughout the spas' plumbing system.I.E. Check colour shade on test strip to see if each of the tests falls in to required shade range. If for example Free Chlorine is too low, add chlorine granules at the specified rate. Or if pH level is too high add dry acid at the specified rate, or too low, add soda ash at the specified rate.
For further information or any assistance with please contact Hot Tub Village - contact us