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  • Skargards Swedish Hot Tubs


    Redefining the wood-fired experience
    The humble beginnings of Skargards can be traced back to 2006 when three young Swedes came together with a clear objective: to create a premium line of wood-fired hot tubs like no other!


    A wood-burning hot tub fit for royalty

    Nature and maximum heating efficiency working in perfect harmony, the Regal is the original wood-burning hot tub with its integrated stove and elegant Swedish design


    The first-ever integrated stove

    The unique stove in The Regal is designed to optimise heat distribution and combustion while reducing energy loss. Circulation ensures a stable temperature without the need of electrical components


    The more the merrier

    The ergonomic design of the Regal offers room to move and more room for company. Bring all your family together in simply superior comfort.


    The luxury of simplicity

    Ready to use straight away upon delivery. The undercarriage of the regal is made from galvanised steel that will support the wood burning hot tub. The convenient ash pan makes it a maintenance a breeze, owning a hot tub has never been this easy!!


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