SUPA Heater
SUPA Heater
SUPA Heater
SUPA Heater
SUPA Heater
SUPA Heater
SUPA Heater
SUPA Heater
SUPA Heater
SUPA Heater

SUPA Heater

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SUPA Heater 

The Supa Heater allows you to heat your hot tub faster and for less money. The Supa heater is revolutionising the holiday let market where heating spa water between change overs is essential. 


  • Heats a hot tub 90% faster than a typical electric
  • Heats a 1000 litre hot tub for less than £4.00!
  • 31kw heats any tub even in the depths of winter
  • Heats a hot tub in under an hour
  • Mobile and easy to move around
  • Very quite when in use
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Save 50% on C02 Emission
  • Reduce Energy Costs by 50%
  • High Quality Components - Build to last
  • Built-in, quick-fit stainless steel debris filter
  • Plug and Play - 13 amp supply - Quick Setup

How does it work?

Essentially the Supa Heater is a specially developed, compact, mobile boiler and circulation pump. All you need is a plug socket and readily available propane gas. It offers 2 distinct ways of heating.

  • Connect your hose directly and set your temperature. Instantly fill your empty hot tub with water up to 40 degrees!

  • Heat you existing cold water by placing Supa’s two hoses in the spa: the water will be circulated through Supa and heat from 20-40 degrees, in around 45 minutes.

NOTE : Gas bottle and gas regulator / hose not provided.


Holiday Let Owners

Say hello to super easy changeovers.

  • For holiday parks and lets – helps you to comply with HSG 282.
  • Have hot tubs ready for guests upon arrival.
  • Heat after filling or direct from the mains.
  • Heat 3 or even 4 tubs with just a single SUPA.
  • Make changeover day a breeze.

It’s getting cold outside – how do I winter-proof my SUPA?

During colder times of the year, after you have used SUPA, it is very important to remember to remove the water from inside the heater. You can do this by leaving the cold and hot hoses out of the water and switching on the pump for 5-10 seconds until no water is coming out of the red hose.

After this, tilt SUPA sideways left and right when viewed from the front for a 10-15 seconds, so any remaining water flows out of the hoses.

Remember to use the cover to protect your SUPA from the elements and store in a warm dry place where it cannot freeze.

Note: The freezing of any water in the internal pipes could cause major damage to your SUPA which is not covered by your warranty so please take care during this process.



What’s in the box?

  • SUPA heater – rated 31KW, intuitive digital control panel, UKCA and CE safety certified, 92% efficient
  • Powder coated stand with all terrain wheels – easy to assemble
  • Multi mode shower head with on/off function
  • Chrome coated cowl
  • x1 five-setting shower head with start/stop function
  • Hard wearing TPU cover
  • Self-priming diaphragm pump, rated 18.9 litres per minute
  • Built-in, quick-fit stainless steel debris filter
  • x2 high pressure/temperature silicone inlet hoses
  • x1 high pressure/temperature silicone outlet hose
  • x4 brass fast-fitting female connectors
  • x3 brass fast-fitting male connectors
  • x1 brass outlet fitting
  • x1 gas inlet fitting
  • x7 stainless steel hose clamps
  • x10 clamp end protectors

Assembled dimensions: 117 high x 48 wide x 41 deep (cm), net weight, 27.6 kg


What’s not in the box?

  • Propane
  • Gas pipe
  • Gas regulator (need screw-in type, 37 mbar 1.5 kg)
  • Gas hose clamps

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