Hot Tub Service

Hot Tub Full Service and Deep Clean

In order to keep your spa or hot tub in good condition and to ensure that it keeps working for many years to come we recommend a full service to be carried out annually by our experienced engineers. (Please leave the hot tub filled with water and turned on).

In this service we will remove hard water chemical deposits, biofilm and any stubborn bacteria from deep within the plumbing which builds up over time. Your hot tub is given a deep clean and we carry out a thorough technical check of the hot tub’s plumbing, jets, control systems and all the other components in the spa. The hot tub is then refilled and we add the customer chemicals to balance the water. Then we provide a full itemised report on completion of the service. 

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  • Complete System Flush – A chemical wash out of the pumps and pipework using a chemical cleaner to remove any build up of hard water scale, biofilm, bacteria and dirt that may have accumulated.
  • Clean and Degrease filters using a cleaning solution (Note filters are very important for the smooth running of the hot tub and older filters may need replacing)
  • Empty, Deep Cleanse, wet vacuum and rinse of hot tub shell plus wipe clean cabinet
  • Jets and Pillows removed, inspected and cleaned.
  • Full Inspection of Components – All components such as pump, blowers, etc are checked for noise and leaks, etc
  • Check UV or Ozone System – advise if replacement is required
  • Full Plumbing Inspection for leaks – All pipe work and glued joints are checked
  • Check Heater and circulation pumps are clear of scale
  • Tighten all unions and inspect, replace and seals if necessary
  • Hot Tub Refilled with fresh water
  • Hot Tub Restarted and check all working correctly
  • Initial Water Balance using the customer's chemicals
  • Clean and Inspect cover and clean inside and outside with protective cleaner
  • Itemised Service Report including any comments and water treatment recommendations
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