Soul 4000 Swim Spa
Soul 4000 Swim Spa
Soul 4000 Swim Spa
Soul 4000 Swim Spa
Soul 4000 Swim Spa
Soul 4000 Swim Spa

Soul 4000 Swim Spa

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Soul 4000 Swim Spa

The SOUL4000™ is the perfect swim spa for leisure and workout. It has seating for five, hydrotherapy, and room for relaxation or fitness training.

The Soul 4000 Swim Spa is where the Sun & Soul swim spa experience begins. This is a compact, single zone swim spa that still has room for all the usual bells and whistles that are now synonymous with Sun & Soul Spas.

The Soul 4000 Swim Spa has three comfortable hydrotherapy seats, up to 36 massage jets, Blower jets, three high volume swim jets and 3 pumps. After a swimming work-out you can relax in the spa and choose from a back massage seat, a neck and shoulder massage seat or the often used cool down seat. The corners at the swim end also offer standing back massages to speed recovery from intense training sessions.

The Soul 4000 the ideal way to combine personal training with total relaxation.


  • 398cm x 231cm x 130cm
  • FourCore™ Shell Construction
  • No kink plumbing system
  • Wide mouth filtration
  • SpaNet™ SV3 Control System
  • Perimeter insulation
  • Blower system
  • Heavy-duty galvanised steel frame
  • Stainless steel jets
  • Ozone & UV systems
  • Insulated, moulded ABS base
  • Illuminating waterline lighting
  • Jets – 36 / Swim Jets - 3
  • Seating – 4 seats

Swim Jets

There are three high-volume swim jets built into the SOUL4000 that create the ideal current for beginners, joggers, or those interested in aqua-fitness.


  • Dimensions  3.98m x 2.31m x 1.30m
  • Dry weight 1,070 kg
  • Water capacity  5,700 litres
  • Filled weight 6,805 kg
  • Smart-FloTM 2-speed pumps 3 x 2.5 hp
  • Smart-FloTM circulation pump
  • Standard Electrical requirements . 40v/40 amp
  • Heater 2.25 KW