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The swimming pool dream is now an obtainable reality to all. You no longer need the huge space or big budget to swim as far as you like for as long as you like in your very own garden.

Jacuzzi® Swim Spa takes UK by storm

The last few years have seen an incredible rise in swim spa demand, as this innovative cost-effective space saving swimming pool sweeps the UK. Manufactured at a high-tech specialist facility in Ontario, Canada, Jacuzzi® Swim Spas are a pool for all seasons, providing an endless swim and a variety of uses which the whole family can enjoy. That’s why the NEW Jacuzzi® Swim Spa range will deliver everything a swimming pool can and lots, lots more without breaking the bank… Hot Tub Village want to give you assistance and advice for you to consider and invest in a Swim Spa.

Jacuzzi Swim Spa




Jacuzzi® Swim Spa Collection with Adam Peaty

Jacuzzi® : PowerPro Swim Spa Collection

Jacuzzi® X Adam Peaty and Swim Spa

The Jacuzzi Swim Spa Range