Looking to detox? Purify your body with 4 simple steps…

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Over time through the stress of everyday life and diet our bodies accumulate toxins, in large quantities, these toxins over time change the habits of our bodies and alter bodily functions causing effects such as fatigue, bloating and weight gain.

Detoxification is a way in which we cleanse and purify our bodies by flushing away the toxins, in order to detox correctly we must change our behaviour over a period of time with a view to improving our overall lifestyle to benefit from the physical and mental improvements that detoxification can offer.

Here are 4 steps to follow to purify the body from toxins ready for the summer.

#1 the detox diet
Poor diet is one way to in which toxins enter the body, so ensuring your diet is correct is imperative to the detoxification process. Start with foods that don’t contain toxins and foods that help to remove existing toxins from the body, natural and seasonal foods such as fruit and raw vegetables are suitable options as are gluten-free cereals and fats found in dried fruit, salmon and sesame oil. Above all avoid processed and refined foods as these contain toxins which detoxification is trying to remove.

#2 adopt a daily work out
A daily work out is one of the most efficient ways to remove toxins from the body, your workout needn’t be high intensity so try a long walk or a yoga session if you’re not one for going to the gym. Just a half an hour workout helps to remove toxins as moment stimulates sweating which is helpful in the removal of harmful toxins from the body.

#3 enjoy a hot bath or a sauna
Raising the body temperature helps to improve blood flow which in turn aids the removal of toxins from both the skin and organs. In addition enjoying a nice long soak in a hot bath also aids to cleanse the skin of toxins piled on the surface of the skin.

#4 exfoliation and skin care
Exfoliating using a delicate scrub is an effective way of cleansing the skin and helps to remove the toxins accumulated within the pores. After exfoliation it is imperative to re-hydrate the skin using a good quality moisturising cream.

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