Hot Tubs - How Many Jets

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Hot Tubs - How Many Jets

You have decided to buy a new hot tub. You look online, you visit some hot tub showrooms and you notice all hot tub retailers promote how many jets each hot tub boasts. How important is it and what's the truth about the jets. You may think the more the better and are there differences in the quality of the jets. This post will explain the Hot Tub Village advice about the jets and explain the differences.

Hot Tubs with Loads of Jets
It would be reasonable to assume that more jets would give you a great hot tub experience but this is one of the most common misconceptions about hot tubs. You should consider why do you want a hot tub? Usually one of the most important factors would be a good massage and the type and quality of the jets is a major factor. For the manufacturers it's easy and inexpensive to add simple jets to a hot tub. They can add more just by making a few more holes and fixing the jet to the shell. However just adding jets without much thought to the massage experience is not in the best interests of the customer.
In addition one of the other important reasons not to have too many jets is that the more jets there are the less power coming through each jet therefore giving less of a focussed massage for the user. Therefore whilst a hot tub with hundred of jets may look amazing you may in fact receive a lower quality massage.
Consider Quality not Quantity
We believe that the quality of the jets is much more important that the amount of jets. In addition it’s the placement of the jets that maximise your hot tub spa experience. Instead of counting hot tub jets, consider the areas you want the jets to focus on most. Perhaps you want one seat with a set of powerful jets for a full-body massage and then interchangeable jets spread throughout the rest of the hot tub. Alternatively, you may suffer from foot pain, so you want a hot tub with strong foot mound jets. Begin by deciding what kind of hydromassage you’re interested in, and choose the number and placement of your jets from there.
In terms of quality, many brands offer unique jets, but Jacuzzi ® are the leaders in hot tub jet design having been making hydrotherapy jets for over sixty years. For example the Jacuzzi PowerPro® Jets can target different muscle groups and are fully adjustable so that you can control the direction and the force of the pressure to get your perfect hydromassage.

Our advice would be to understand your requirements and then look for the best hot tub with the right number and type of jets to suit you. If you are based in East Anglia and want more information please visit us at our Hot Tub Village showroom in Suffolk.

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