Bring out your senses with aromatherapy this spring

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One of the senses that mostly influences the mood, smell is able to awake different sensations and emotions in our brain. Aromatherapy often accompanies different types of therapies within health spas to promote the influence both the physical and mental aspect of the treatment.

Spring aromatherapy
With milder temperatures and the increase in daylight, spring is the perfect time to spend more time in the open air, where nature diffuses a wide variety of floral fragrances which have a positive effect on our mood. For those who suffer with allergies who may not relish the floral boom that spring brings with it, but natural essential oils come from the extracts of aromas from plants, and give off the fragrance in the most natural scent and can help fight the symptoms of allergies.

These essential oils with their differing fragrances provide various therapeutic effects on the body and mind. For instance, lavender has calming and relaxing properties, mint is balsamic and refreshing, bergamot is a perfect anti-stress effect and lemon produces an energising effect.

Your choice of essential oil
The essential oil you choose during your aromatherapy treatment depends on what you want your treatment to achieve, for example a calming essence that helps in controlling anxiety is perfect for those with an intense and stressful lifestyle, whereas athletes would choose a fragrance to help increase productivity and physical performance.

Overall the preference on fragrance is derived from personal taste as everyone has a favourite fragrance, perhaps something that brings back a memory and creates unconscious neural connections. It may be a smell that you associate with a reassuring or comfortable sensation from the past or maybe the atmosphere of exotic places and natural environments or just because you find it pleasant.

Aromatherapy and wellness treatments
Using the correct fragrance during your wellness treatments can promote an energetic and positive effect to awake the body after the winter.

Combining aromatherapy treatments with wellness treatments such as a hydromassage in a hot tub, the warmth of a sauna or the humidity of the steam room, can deliver an intensive regenerating experience, allowing you to close your eyes and sink into a feeling of complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

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