J-500™ Collection: Unique Design Elements

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The newest addition to our selection of hot tubs at Jacuzzi® is the J-500™ Hot Tub Collection, which seamlessly melds style and function. The sleek lines and industry-leading features define home luxury, creating an opulent spa experience. Beyond the visual impact of the ultra-modern design, our J-500™ Hot Tubs include a wealth of comfort and connectivity options. Here are the most unique elements in the J-500™ Collection.

The Curvalux™ exterior makes its first appearance in this collection, with gorgeous lines that draw the eye and an exterior style that mirrors high-end outdoor furniture. The elevated silhouette is complemented by integrated fiber-optic architectural lighting and a ProTouch™ glass control panel in vivid color, providing a lush custom look. The J-500™ Collection delivers a stylish interior as well, with seating on several levels, multi-color illuminated waterfalls, and underwater lighting. You can tailor the J-500™ Collection even further by choosing from shell, skirting, and cover options to suit your personal style and decor.


The J-500™ Collection is our most technologically advanced collection to date in addition to our most luxurious. All J-500™ Hot Tubs come standard with the ProTouch™ control panel, delivering sleek touchscreen controls and full Bluetooth® audio connectivity. With the ProLink™ smartphone app, you can monitor and even heat up your hot tub remotely. Enjoy a targeted full-body hydromassage with the widest variety of PowerPro® Jets and more premium jets for your neck, wrists, legs, and feet—and even a brand new jet for your hips.

J-500™ Hot Tubs have the fastest, most convenient cleaning system, ensuring your water stays sparkling clean with five-stage water treatment, our proprietary CLEARRAY® UV-C system, and a quick drain system. Use the ProLink™ app to set cleaning reminders or easily connect with a local dealer for maintenance or questions.
Backing up all this style, innovation, and convenience is the reliability of the trusted Jacuzzi® brand. The enduring quality and craftsmanship of our hot tub products are reflected in the construction of our newest collection, with engineering innovation that lasts. Watch this video to see just how special the breakthrough J-500™ Hot Tub design really is.

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