AquaFIT Swim Spas The Perfect Pool Substitute

Posted by Kris Kemp on

An AquaFit can be an excellent pool substitute for three main reasons:

1. There are no special permits required to install an AquaFit in your backyard, and in fact it can be installed into an existing dry pool. It is also portable and can come with you if you move!

2. Reduced energy costs. An AquaFit will only cost a fraction of a pool’s annual costs, even when heated. An AquaFit can be used year-round in the harshest climates while a swimming pool is only seasonal. Most areas of the country use their pools 4-5 months out of the year. An AquaFit can be used 3 times as much at half the operational cost.

3. Swimming in a pool only provides horizontal exercise, but in an AquaFit, you can do horizontal and vertical exercises with the addition of rowing, stretching, jogging and strength training with resistance bands. An AquaFit is about 20% horizontal exercise and 80% vertical exercise, meaning you get 80% more activity from your AquaFit investment.

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