Can Hydrotherapy Help Arthritis?

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Hot tubs and spas can help you cope with the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation recommends warm water therapy, and research confirms its benefits.
What is hydrotherapy? It’s the use of warm water to treat health conditions and ailments, such as arthritis. Hot tubs and spas provide a type of hydrotherapy that is more effective than simply soaking in a warm bath, but not all tubs are created equal. Here are three ways Jacuzzi® hydromassage helps arthritis sufferers:

Patented PowerPro® Jets with full adjustability allow you to change the intensity of the hydromassage for sensitive joints and muscles.

We design low-profile hot tubs and spas – as low as 32- and 34-inches in height—that make it easy to get in and out of, such as the J-425™ Hot Tub and the J-315™ model. You can also add non-slip steps with handrails if you want to more aid getting in and out of your spa.

Our seating is engineered to comfortably support the body in a variety of positions, from full-lounge seats to bench seating that allows you to sit upright. Many uprights seats feature leg and foot jets for targeted hydromassage.

With Jacuzzi® Brand hydrotherapy, three elements—heat, buoyancy and massage—join forces to provide a therapeutic experience. Heat stimulates blood flow to stiff muscles and joints to help reduce inflammation and pain. Buoyancy, which lifts the effects of gravity on the body, takes the pressure off joints and offers support that makes it easier to move. Water massage loosens tightness and helps soothe the discomfort caused by arthritis.

To quote an article in Arthritis Today, the magazine of the Arthritis Foundation, “Research has shown warm water therapy works wonders for all kinds of musculoskeletal complaints, including fibromyalgia, arthritis, and low back pain.” Hydrotherapy can also help you stay active, sleep better and fight depression—important benefits for many of us, including arthritis sufferers.

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