Thermal H2O, a new moment of wellness

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The benefits of thermal water

Since ancient times, mankind has taken advantage of the benefits of thermal water. Still today, balneotherapy has been practiced for many caring effects to the human body, from detoxing to rehabilitation. The precious thermal water, irrigating from the root of terrain, passing through the rocks, up to the source, is full of therapeutic properties due to the chemical and physical components it has: minerals and natural heat.

When a human body dives into thermal water, the skin absorbs the beneficial substances and at the same time toxins are removed through sweating and the natural acceleration of the bloodstream. All of which purifies the body. The heat of the water enhances the heartbeat rate and the levels of oxygen in the blood, which promotes better circulation and cellular oxygenation. This process brings benefits not only to the heart and other vital organs, but also to the body tissue. Moreover, the heat relaxes muscles and releases tension, effectively relieving stress-related diseases and helping promote sleep. For the same reasons, stress on the joints is reduced as well: arms and legs in the water can move more fluidly, and gain better flexibility.

Now imagine that all the historical benefits of thermal water was to be merged in one of the most innovative ways for body care in the latest times. Imagine that the global leader in hydrotherapy was to design a product combining balneotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Thermal water meets Jacuzzi® technology

Today Thermal H2O® is born, a whirlpool bathtub collection designed by Jacuzzi® to enhance the benefits of thermal water.

Jacuzzi® has been working for years to improve the therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy, and now it has engineered a system using air and water streams, ergonomically designed and positioned, to precisely stimulate different body parts. The possibility to regulate the direction of jets is only one of the many features that differentiate Jacuzzi® bathtubs in terms of customization and the effectiveness the treatments. Thermal H2O® bath tubs are realised through Aqualibrium® technology: jets that perfectly balance air and water, free to be oriented and regulated, and can massage specific areas of the body.

Such as other Jacuzzi® products, Thermal H2O® is born after incredible amounts of research: the products not only perfectly adapts to thermal waters, but it can also optimise their effects. Their therapeutic properties, the benefits of minerals and the natural heat of thermal water are enhanced thanks to the targeted activity by the air and water jets, which operate where the pain or the muscular tensions are.

Thermal H2O® by Jacuzzi® is an elegant and enduring designed whirlpool bath tub collection thanks to the construction materials ensuring the protection from the erosive action of thermal waters. It also delivers a warm and comfortable feeling because it has been designed starting from the human body, which has always been the centre of every product by Jacuzzi®. Nonetheless, Thermal H2O® is also surprisingly silent, because it has been designed to ensure an experience of absolute comfort.

Thermal H2O® is a revitalizing, relaxing and unheard-of experience.

A new moment of wellness by Jacuzzi® is born: Thermal H2O® bathtub collection.

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