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As a brand synonymous for their status as the world leader in Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, Jacuzzi have now consolidated that position with their acquisition of Hydropool. By incorporating Hydropool into the Jacuzzi family the gloves are now off in the latest product launch to come from this thoroughbred stable, SwimLife Swim Spas. With their brand promise: For an Extraordinary Life this latest product launch is set to take the industry by storm. With the promise of leading edge technology and superior comfort, SwimLife is set to improve the lives of all who experience it! SwimLife are on a mission to be the brand that spearheads innovations in swimspa technology, like their hydraulically balanced plumbing which ensures the correct water pressure to hydrotherapy jets, or the WaveRider control unit that offers users fingertip control of the swim current from inside the swim area. As the ideal product for keeping in shape from the comfort of your own home the models available are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and can be used all year long.





Two collections have been designed to appeal to a wide range of user requirements: the SwimFit range is ideal for families and swimming lovers, whilst the SwimExpert range will appeal to the more demanding users looking for that professional performance.

SwimFit is available in 3 different size categories – 14ft, 17ft and 19ft. This ideal universal aquatic gym has a generous streamlined swim tank area that also features an ergonomically designed anti-slip floor, allowing for a variety of different fitness exercises. With a fully adjustable current you can take total control of the intensity of your workout, creating an ideal training environment. In addition this range is also an extremely safe and easy space in which you can teach your children of any age to swim.

Available in the same 14ft, 17ft and 19ft size categories, SwimExpert promises you the experience of an extraordinary swim. The technology packed into this range is designed to bring your swim to life. Imagine never having to turn, touch or push off from any wall? The swim current generated is as natural as nature itself, allowing you to focus on your stroke and enjoy the fluidity of your swimming experience. You can also adjust the swim current to suit your own personal swim level. The shell design offered in both ranges is another perfect example of SwimLife innovation in action. Stand up close to any of these swimspa’s and you will immediately notice their unique shape, these AquaChannel and SwimChannel designs create no reflective wave, which means you can stay in the swim lane much more easily whatever the intensity setting. You will also be experiencing the industry’s largest unobstructed swim tank along with stabilisation hip jets, design features focused purely on giving you the best swimming experience on the swimspa market.

SwimLife is also designed to endure all conditions! The engineering concealed within ensures 365 days a year use and enjoyment, meaning you have no need to hibernate during those colder months, instead you can enjoy this all season swimming pool, hot tub and exercise pool in one, right there in your own garden whatever the weather. Using their industry leading Thermalax heat management system the smallest details ensure the most economical running costs for you, whilst being respectful to the environment at the same time. Featuring 2lbs of closed cell foam insulation on the shell of all models, your swimspa effortlessly retains heat, when you also consider the HeatSync blanket working hard to reflect waste heat from the pumps back into the swimspa, you quickly realise that this heat retention system is actually saving on your running costs.

In summary, this is yet another game changer from the global Jacuzzi team. We’ve all come to expect the best of the best from this Industry leading stalwart, never complacent they’ve delivered again! As the closing statement in their brochure confirms: Life is what you make it, so enhance your swimspa lifestyle and take a closer look.

Come and try out the Jacuzzi SwimLife Swimpsa at Hot Tub Village based in the heart of Suffolk at Stonham Barns Retail & Leisure Complex. For more information call us on 01449 710167.


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