How To Incorporate Hydrotherapy Into Your Healthy Routine

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Hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy, has been around for centuries, dating back to ancient Greece, Japan, India, and Rome. Its benefits increase both physical and mental well-being and come in many forms.

When you’ve been struck with pain from arthritis, tendinitis, or ailments from injuries, water therapy can provide relief. The warm water, especially when coupled with jetted massage, can help decrease muscle tension and soothe sore joints, alleviating the pain.


Water Therapy for Recovery Time

An essential but often forgotten part of living an active lifestyle is spending time to recover. You don’t need to wait for pain or a strain to start using water therapy; taking time to soothe your exerted muscles before you need it plays an important role in avoiding muscle fatigue. Heated water encourages blood circulation and improves blood pressure all while relaxing your body. You can also trade your post workout stretch for a cold hydromassage that will trigger your metabolism and boost your immune system and dodge discomfort before it strikes.


Take Your Workout to the Water

If you have lived an active lifestyle for a long period of time and have reached a plateau, or simply want to try something new, taking your workout to the water may be your answer to spruce up your routine. Simple aerobic exercises in moving water can help build balance and resistance. If your go-to work-out is yoga, you can incorporate water therapy by trying out some of the same moves in moving water. Or, on days when your energy is low and your body is fatigued, simple movements such as water walking can help you recover your joints and muscles for your next work out due to the water buoyancy.


 Unwind in Water

The most vital part of a healthy lifestyle is to keep a balanced state of mind. Finding ways to minimize stress can help you improve your quality of life and truly achieve a healthy life style. Incorporating 5-10 minutes of cold or hot water therapy a day can help you de-stress and release endorphins in your body, giving you a boost to reach a happy and healthier state of mind.

With so many methods – and trends -- of hydrotherapy and water therapy available, be sure to seek the guidance of a medical professional to figure out which one will best fit your life style. Whether you’re taking the first steps to living a healthier lifestyle or you are looking for new health tips, incorporating water therapy to your routine can lead to an improvement in mental and physical health. You’ll also be part of health routine that never goes out of style.

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