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Imagine arriving home from a long day at work and being greeted with the sound of your bubbling Jacuzzi hot tub ready to dip into without waiting around for it to get to temperature.

Better still, imagine having been able to switch your tub on yourself with just a few taps of your smart phone whilst you were sat in the office just minutes before – our unique ProLink App lets you do just that and we’re certain it’ll become your favourite app in no time!

The ProLink App lets you use any iOS or Android device to set your hot tub’s temperature, turn the jets on or off, and plan maintenance appointments, simply by connecting to your home WiFi network. You can even adjust the spa lights, review the owner’s manual, and get alerts about any service needs – all in the palm of your hand.

Do you get home before everybody else and want to make the most of the 20 minutes of peace you have before the mayhem of family life descends? ProLink lets you make the most of your time in the tub without having to wait around for it to get to temperature.

Or, perhaps you have your own specific setting for the perfect tub dip and only you get it exactly how you like it – the ProLink App lets you set it just how you like it every single time.

ProLink also lets you switch your tub to energy consumption mode if you know you’re going to be away for a few days, it lets you lock your tub for safety, and it shows you exactly when the water filters need replacing.

What’s more, the app has been built with smart technology that communicates with your local Jacuzzi hot tub retailer to let you know when your tub is due a service, or needs any maintenance work taking the worry out of owning and looking after your own Jacuzzi hot tub.

Whether you’re a seasoned hot tub owner or just starting out in hot tub ownership, the ProLink App will become a must-have for those who like to make the most of the time they get to relax in their Jacuzzi® hot tub - less waiting and more relaxation!

Download the app for free from Google Play or the iTunes App store. ProLink is compatible with all J-500 models from Jacuzzi.

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