Kenneth Jacuzzi, inspiration for in-home hydrotherapy, dies at age 75

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Jacuzzi Group Worldwide offered their deepest condolences to the wife and family of Ken Jacuzzi on the occasion of his passing last week.  Ken Jacuzzi’s childhood illness in the 1950s was the inspiration for the development of the first in-home hydrotherapy pump by his father, Candido Jacuzzi. 

Candido and his brothers founded what became Jacuzzi Group Worldwide, to this day the premier manufacturer of in-home baths and portable hot tubs.  

Said Bob Rowan, CEO, “It is with great sadness that we have learned of Ken’s passing.  He lived his life with grace and great dignity, and was an honorable humanitarian. He was the inspiration of not only the Jacuzzi® Brand, but an entire industry. 

Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife and extended family.”

At the age of two, Ken Jacuzzi contracted juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, leaving him bound to a wheelchair for most of his life. Told that he would not live to see his third birthday, Ken’s mother took him home and his father, Candido, invented a pump to give his son pain-relieving hydrotherapy treatments at home. That hydrotherapy pump led to what is known as the Jacuzzi® Brand today. After a long and successful life in manufacturing, marketing and research and development around the globe, Ken Jacuzzi passed away last week at age 75.

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Watch an interview with Ken Jacuzzi talking about The birth of the Jacuzzi Brand 


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