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AquaFIT Systems product innovations are unmatched in the Swim Spa industry. No company delivers more in-the-water features and benefits than AquaFIT.

Wellbeing is the state of being healthy, happy and prosperous. It isn’t enough for us to create a product that just caters to just your physical fitness. We care about creating products that reach every area to help you feel happier, more at peace and more connected to the ones you love

Swim Lane
AquaFit’s swim lane has more room for a full range of swim strokes and exercises because of its large swim lane. The 19 Pro’s swim length is the largest at 11’8” in length! The 16 Play comes in at 9’9”, the 13 Sport is 9’6” and the 19 Plus is 7’10.” The water level comes to 3.5 feet in the Sport, Play and Plus, and 4.3 feet in the 19 Pro. Enjoy the ultimate in flexibility and range of motion.

Aqua Essentials Kit
The Aqua Essentials kit provides you with a variety of waterproof and durable exercise equipment needed to perform all exercise options highlighted in the below. The Aqua Essentials Kit includes:

-A variety of tensor cords in varying lengths so you can adjust your workouts to different levels of difficulty.

-Exceptionally durable rowers for your rowing station.

-Other equipment such as a high-quality fitness bar (for upper-body strength training), stretching bar, body belt, “D” handles, goggles, bar straps and ankle cuffs.

-Special patent-pending OptiMounts™, which are stainless steel hardware mounts built into your AquaFit System shell, provide you with workout flexibility and convenience.

HydroSport Kit
The HydroSport Swim Tether system is the secret to a powerful swim workout. The swim tether system includes a flexible fiber rod, swim belt and tether. It helps stabilize you in the center of the swim lane. But more importantly, the harder you swim against the tension in the fiber rod, the greater the variable resistance experienced. Many of the nation’s top college swim teams use the swim tether system.

Weight Loss
A study entitled, “Effects of Aquatic Exercise and Walking in Sedentary Obese Women,” published in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, Feb. 2007, examined the effects of an aquatic walking exercise program on weight loss compared to land-based walking.

-Study results for both groups found that total body weight, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, strength and health-related quality of life significantly improved.

-For the aquatic walking group, however, the researchers reported slightly higher body weight losses, improvements in flexibility and greater attendance rates.

-Subjects also reported significantly greater enjoyment scores in the aquatic walking group compared to the land-based walkers.

Cardiovascular health
Mary E. Sanders, PhD, at the University of Nevada’s School of Medicine and Public Health, is known in fitness circles as “the water fitness guru.” The research her team has done with groups of aquatic exercisers over the years underscores the fact that water can be used as a liquid weight machine with many unique benefits.

“Water’s buoyancy reduces impact and supports the body for increased range of motion,” said Sanders. “The natural resistance of water provides an individualized personal training environment. Water’s viscosity or “thickness” – being about 800 times greater than air – makes it an effective exercise environment in which to build muscular endurance. And using resistance tethers, like those featured in the AquaFit pool, provides additional core stabilization work.”

Dr. Bruce E. Becker, Medical Director, St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute in Spokane, Washington, has studied the effects of aquatic activities among athletes and people in need of recovery from injuries or ailments for the past 30 years.

“Simply being submersed in water up to the neck increases cardiac output by more than 30 percent in a sedentary individual. So, just by sitting in water, the hydrostatic pressure on your body and being in a buoyant state benefits the body,” said Dr. Becker.

“Not only does swimming slow down the aging process – by upwards of 20% in some cases (in terms of respiration, muscle mass, bone density, cardiovascular activity and neurological function), but there’s also evidence to suggest that it increases mental health and even spiritual and social health.”

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