The J-445: all the pleasure of hydromassage in a private space

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The J-445 by Jacuzzi is a meticulously designed hot tubs that guarantees optimal hydrotherapy and maximum comfort. The exclusive design of the J-445 wraps the body in the heat of the water even when the outside temperatures are very low, to guarantee perfect temperature and privacy.

Why choose the J-445 by Jacuzzi?
The J-445 hot tub is part of the Jacuzzi J-400 designer collection, a range of medium and large dimension hot tubs, suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The elegant design, the large capacity and high performance are the main reasons for those who choose this collection, The J-400 collection delivers a truly unique hydromassage experience, complemented by a wonderful harmony of music and lights.

The J-445 features 6 different depth seats and adjustable headrests for maximum comfort. The high back design envelopes the heat of the water into the surrounding atmosphere and at the same time makes the hot tub an intimate and private space.

The innovative technology of the PowerPro jets, acts in a targeted way on different points of the body, and guarantees an effective and high quality hydromassage program. In particular, the RX seat offers the possibility of the deepest immersion of all Jacuzzi hot tubs, and gives a real Swedish massage on the back and calves. The FX-12 seat instead acts on a large surface of the body that includes the cervical, dorsal, and lumbar area. The seat with the waterfall combines the action of falling water on the shoulders with a jet that acts on the upper back to eliminate stress and fatigue.

The Bluewave Spa Stereo System also offers the pleasure of listening to your favorite music while you are immersed in the water and thanks to the Pro Touch™ control panel and the J-1000 Led screen, you can select, from the playlist of your mobile, the tracks you want to listen to, connecting via Bluetooth up to 10 meters away.

Features of the J-445
The J-445 is the result of careful study, aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality hydrotherapy. The tub, square in size (213 x 213 cm), has the following characteristics:
- Capacity up to 6 seats
- 4 illuminated headrests, adjustable according to height
- Illuminated diverter knobs which also act as cup holders
- 46 jets including specific PowerPro RX and PX jets that massage hands and wrists, dissolving fatigue
- a waterfall that lets the water flow on the shoulders with a constant flow
- ProTouch multifunction LCD control panel, that can be activated with a touch
- Multi-colour light system, to create the right atmosphere by selecting the colour that most corresponds to the mood of the moment
- Bluewave stereo system to select your favorite music without having to get out of the water
- SmartSeal insulation which reduces energy waste by up to 20% while protecting against humidity and noise
- Proclarity Filtration for the recirculation of the water, which, acting together with the recirculation pump delivers optimal water filtration.
- ClearRay Water Purification system which, thanks to the action of UV-C rays produced by a special lamp, effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria

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