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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs for smaller areas

Posted by Tony Dobson on

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs with leading hydromassage and stylish designs that can fit into smaller spaces in your garden or back yard. If you live in a city or have a modest outside area a small Jacuzzi hot tub can offer the ideal solution. The new Jacuzzi J-215 is only 168cm x 193cm and offers a wealth of premium features including ClearRay water purification, a soothing waterfall and LED lighting.


If you have an existing patio or decking, this is the perfect spot for your hot tub. Just make sure the area is completely level and your hot tub has the proper foundation. Should your area be on a slope you can create a terraced garden with the hot tub as the focal point. Maybe add a retaining wall to help add that secluded feeling. Wherever you place your Jacuzzi Hot Tub, remember to leave room for access to your hot tub’s internal components for any maintenance work.


Taller fences and shrubbery can make a small spaces feel closed in. Why not use trees or potted plants instead of fencing to create a more inviting atmosphere. If you prefer fencing, consider using a shorter styles so that you retain your privacy but still can enjoy the view and scenery around your property. Should you have taller fences these could be covered with vines and hanging plants to blends it into the landscape and still give you a feel of space.


Even when you only have a deck or patio to work with, you can still enjoy the soothing sight of flowers. Hang boxes from windows or patio railings and plant cascading blooms to add beauty and ambiance. Flowers like bidens and calibrachoa provide a happy pop of colour when in season, or try hardier plants like golden creeping jenny or bergenia for year-round decoration.


Sometimes, you may want to have total privacy rather than opening up your space and making it appear larger. For those living in built up areas and those with smaller garden areas can create a sense of seclusion by using screens or tall potted plants.

You don’t need an expansive area to create a sense of spaciousness and a relaxing, inviting mood for your smaller hot tub. 

Contact us at Hot Tub Village for a free site survey to help with ideas on where to place your hot tub and how to make best use of the space you have available.

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