How to Meditate in Your Hot Tub

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Almost everyone experiences stress in their daily lives, from driving in traffic to just having too much to do. You can temper the negative effects of stress with the physical benefits of hydrotherapy, and when you combine your regular spa time with meditation, you’ll discover even more stress relief. Read on to discover essential tips for deeper hot tub relaxation.

Set the Mood
The perfect ambiance is important for successful meditation. Attach your spa caddy to safely set up candles; choose aromatherapy candles with calming scents like vanilla, jasmine, or sandalwood for extra tranquillity. You can also plant aromatic herbs like rosemary or lavender around your spa. Remove distraction and aid in concentration by using your BLUEWAVE® Spa Stereo System to play soft music. Classical and instrumental music are popular choices, or consider using nature sounds to take you away to a seashore, forest, or garden. Finally, if your hot tub has an open-air feel to it, you may want to hang sheer fabric for a more private oasis.

Get Comfortable
Comfort is another essential part of meditation. Warm up the water to a pleasant temperature. While there isn’t one set temperature that works for everyone, 90 to 100 degrees is a good guideline, as you’ll stay warm but won’t be overwhelmed by heat. You can also experiment with the fully adjustable Jacuzzi® Hot Tub jets to find the best settings for you. A circulation cycle or low jet power typically work well. Then choose your favorite seat, set any adjustable pillows to the perfect height, and get ready to de-stress.

Focus and Relax
Start with slow deep breathing and concentrate on becoming aware of each sensation you feel. Notice the warm water enveloping you and the gentle sounds of the music or jets. Ensure your mind stays in the present by returning your attention to your breathing whenever you feel a distraction creep in. You’ll notice that you feel peaceful and satisfied in no time. Beginners typically need to practice before they are able to have deep, completely distraction-free meditation sessions. Start with 5 to 10 minute sessions and focus on having a quality session, rather than a long one, then work your way up to 15 minutes or more.

Meditation provides the body an opportunity to rest and restore itself to its normal baseline. When you meditate in your hot tub, all the benefits of hydrotherapy combine with the power of a clear mind to provide you ultimate tranquillity.

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