Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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Just because you enjoy relaxing in your Jacuzzi® hot tub doesn’t mean you need to kick all your eco-friendly habits to the curb. There are several ways of maintaining a hot tub without wasting energy or receiving staggering electric bills in the mail. Rest easy in your tub sans the worry about its impact on Mother Earth when you follow a few of our simple tips for a more eco-friendly hot tub setup:

Use Energy-Saving Features
You can choose from a variety of energy-efficient hot tub features to help you save money while creating a more environmentally friendly hot tub experience. Look for energy-conserving jet pumps, heating elements, insulation, and circulation pumps. And don’t forget about LED spa lights, which cost less and offer longer life spans than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Find out how Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are built with energy efficiency in mind.

Invest in a Durable Cover
To insulate your hot tub and help prevent heat from escaping, you’ll need a good hot tub cover. The more heat your hot tub retains, the less money and energy is needed to reheat it. So don’t skimp on purchasing a sturdy hot tub cover because it will pay off in energy savings!

Lower the Heat
Turn down the temperature and turn up the savings. Many hot tubs are automatically set to around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, but you won’t notice the difference if you lower the temperature by a few degrees. After all, the higher the temperature you keep your water, the more energy it will need to maintain that temperature.

Turn Off
Once you’ve finished soaking, turn off all the jets, bubbles, and spa lights to ensure you’re not wasting any unnecessary energy. Also double check you’ve securely placed the cover over the tub to further trap the heat inside. After all, simply understanding how to retain heat and conserve energy is one of the easiest ways to create both a financially and environmentally greener hot tub retreat.

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