Don’t Let Your Bubbles Get You into Trouble: Hot Tub Safety for Kids

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Shut off the game consoles, put away the smart phones, and invite your family to join you in some backyard fun. After all, you’ve finalized the patio, set up your new hot tub, and whipped up your kid’s favorite snacks. It’s the perfect time for some family bonding in your revamped yard. However, before you turn on the bubbles, ensure your tub won’t get anyone into trouble. Follow our simple tips to maintain a safe environment for the whole family to gather:

Set rules. Your kids are eager to make a splash, but set some ground rules before they take a plunge. First and foremost, ensure they understand they are only allowed to soak with adult supervision. You may also want to set up similar rules to the ones your youngsters already follow at the neighborhood pool, such as no rough housing or running around the tub. Another good rule to establish is not to let your children fully submerge their heads under the water, as the drain could suction their hair or clothing.

Monitor the temperature and time. The National Spa and Pool Institute suggests 104°F as the maximum safe water temperature for adults, but 94°F is recommended for when children are soaking. Because kids have a lower tolerance to the heat, only allow them to splash around for 10-15 minutes at a time. What’s more, when they’re out of the tub, encourage them to drink plenty of water before their next dip.

Secure the area. Place slip-grip pads and steps with handrails around your tubs to help your kiddos (and yourself) safely enter and exit the water. Meanwhile, when you’re not using your hot tub, place a locking spa cover over the tub to prevent your children from sneaking a dip on their own. And as an extra precaution, build a safety gate with a lock around the premises, so your children cannot wander over to the water without your supervision.

These are simple rules to follow, but it just becomes a matter of creating good habits not only for yourself, but for the little ones as well!

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