Joy for Joints: How a Hot Tub can Ease Your Joint Pain

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You’re feeling creaky and achy. Your joints are howling in pain as a steady throb pulses through your body. Whether you pushed yourself a little too hard on the basketball court or are enduring full-blown Arthritis, a dip in a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub may be the answer to temporarily relieving your pain.

Just imagine treating yourself to a relaxing soak in a steamy hot tub while simultaneously easing your joint soreness. The combination of the hot tub’s buoyancy, heat, and hydromassage targets your discomfort and works to improve your overall quality of health.

Buoyancy reduces strain on your joints
The water’s buoyancy in a hot tub supports your weight, giving your muscles and joints a much-needed break. Even spending just a half hour in your hot tub will reduce the daily strain on your joints and allow you to relax and rejuvenate. What’s more, this buoyancy also makes it easier for you to stretch and move your joints in a more fluid manner to help cut down on your body’s stiffness and tightness.

Heat increases your blood circulation
Warm temperatures and moisture encourage your blood flow to increase. Because of this improved circulation, your body will transfer more blood to the site of your joint pain, which in turn, can lower your discomfort. Furthermore, the heat and pressure from the hot tub are also responsible for increasing your white blood cell count, potentially leading to tissue growth and stronger joints.

Hydromassage pinpoints your aches and pains
Hot tub hydrotherapy is the key to providing you with pain relief and improved physical movement. In fact, some hot tubs feature special jets to target specific muscle groups, such as those in your neck, back, and knees. These pulsating jets work to massage out your kinks, knots, and tension while relieving you of joint pressure. Some research suggests hydrotherapy may even decrease inflammation, which can cause sore joints in the first place.


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