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Water Wand Filter Cleaning Comb

Water Wand Filter Cleaning Comb

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Water Wand Comb

Dirty filters can be the main cause of filtration, water flow problems and pump wear within hot tubs. This filter cleaning wand connects to your standard garden hose fitting and each of the grooves with a powerful jets to deep clean your hot tub filters.

The water wand comb cuts cleaning time dramatically, ensuring your hot tub stays filtering using clean filters :

  • No Messy Spray-Back.
  • Substantially Decreases water wastage.
  • Cleans 8 pleats at a time in one simple action.
  • Reduces filter cleaning time by more than 50%.
  • Simply connecting, flick the switch and rinse your filters easily!
  • The 8 fingers operate to open the pleats in one simple action.
  • Cleans both sides of the pleats in one downward stroke.