Skargards Panel 190 Hot Tub
Skargards Panel 190 Hot Tub
Skargards Panel 190 Hot Tub
Skargards Panel 190 Hot Tub
Skargards Panel 190 Hot Tub
Skargards Panel 190 Hot Tub
Skargards Panel 190 Hot Tub
Skargards Panel 190 Hot Tub

Skargards Panel 190 Hot Tub

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Skargards Panel Hot Tub
This classic wooden hot tub has the distinctive aura of traditional wooden hot tubs, yet with a decidedly elegant modern touch. Made with high-quality materials, the classic Skargards model fits perfectly in your garden or anywhere in the great outdoors. The ergonomic seating ensures superior comfort.

  • 190cm Diameter - 4-6 Persons
  • ThermoWood® cladding
  • Powerful direct-heating stove
  • Ergonomic fibreglass tub
  • Delivered ready-to-use

Rooted in Swedish tradition
The Panel wooden hot tub sports a refined exterior and a practical clip-on fence, both made of eco-certified ThermoWood®. The thermal process is environmentally-friendly and confers weather- and mould-resistant properties, which is why Skargards uses this material exclusively for all cladding and wooden accessories.

Perfecting a proven concept
As with all traditional wooden hot tubs, the log-fired stove is submerged in the bathing water to heat it directly and effectively. Heat transfer is optimised thanks to the cylindrical stove design and the wise choice of material. Indeed, high-grade stainless steel ensures long-term durability and performance as well as resistance to seawater and chlorine.

Your new comfort zone
Fitted with Skargards’ signature tub, the Panel is remarkably comfortable. Multi-layered fibreglass has replaced the plain wooden interior of traditional wooden hot tubs, providing a smooth surface and ergonomic shapes instead of sharp 90° angles. Once you get in, you may find it hard to get out.

Quality within your means
The Panel combines sleek Swedish design with strong, durable materials such as the ThermoWood® cladding, the stainless steel stove, the multi-layered fibreglass tub and the galvanised steel undercarriage. And with low running costs, you can take pride in a smart wooden hot tub purchase for many years to come.

Wherever the warmth takes you
Delivered ready-to-use, the Panel is designed to immediately be set up in your location of choice thanks to its solid self-supporting structure. Feel free to place it in your garden, near your cottage or in any other remote, picturesque area. That's the beauty of a wooden hot tub with no electrical components.


Prices and Optional Extras
Panel 190 Pearl white 
Frost Protector £160.00
Side table £120.00
Bubble & light £780.00
Two-tier step  £290.00
Rain cowl  £110.00
Filtration system  £470.00
Flue guard protection  £280.00
Bubble & light £780.00


Total With all Extras  



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