O-Care Weekly Swim Spa Care

O-Care Weekly Swim Spa Care

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The best solution for natural Swim Spa water. Safe, Soft and Simple.

What Does O-Care Do To Help Me?

O-care prevents biofilm build-up in your swim spa pipes, this will make your sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) more efficient and make your hot tub water better in general.

Safe - Using O-Care can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine used by 78%. This means a safer spa environment for your family.

Soft - Softens your spa water, making your spa experience better, your skin feel softer after use and gives a more natural feel to your spa water.

Simple - Just add 2 compounds to the spa water once a week using the measuring cup included.

Another benefit of O-care is less strain on your pumps, filters and other components due to less biofilm build-up which leads to better and more consistent flow.


How much do I need to use?

  • Depends on the size of your swim spa.
  • Each box will last approx 3-4 months depending on the water volume of your swim spa.

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