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  • Lovibond DPD No.1 Testing Tablets

    Lovibond DPD No.1 Testing Tablets

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    Lovibond DPD No.1 Comparator Test Tablets x 100

    Free Chlorine Test Tablet Reagents for your Swimming Pool, Spa or Hot Tub domestic test kits.

    Test the Free Chlorine or Bromine levels with these Lovibond DPD No1's Standard Comparator test tablets.

    With the new blister strip, the user just pushes the tablet through the protective foil, straight into the sample. Simple, time-saving and practical.This type of packaging, long established in pharmaceutical applications, combines all the advantages of protective foil, with convenience for the user. Each tablet is contained within an individually formed foil cup, lined with the latest aluminium composite material, and guaranteeing product performance.

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