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Jacuzzi Tablet Chemical Dispenser. Part No. 2472-673

Jacuzzi Tablet Chemical Dispenser. Part No. 2472-673

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Jacuzzi Chemical Dispenser used to hold and dissolve Bromine or Oxygen tablets. Clips into the filter top of all J300 and J400 spas with a sliding fitting to control the rate of the tablets dissolving. This adjustable tablet feeder is a great way to dispense hot tub sanitiser tablets because it automatically releases the right amount, with no need for making daily doses of granular sanitiser. The unique adjustment ring allows user to dial-in and lock the release rate! Simply load bromine or chlorine tablets, and let it float in your hot tub.
  • Feeder for bromine, chlorine tablets or oxygen tablets
  • Calibrated settings with lock ring
  • Fits neatly into the centre of the filter