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  • Jacuzzi J500 ProLast Cover

    Jacuzzi J500 ProLast Cover

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    Jacuzzi J500 ProLast Cover
    Replacement hot tub cover for the Jacuzzi J500 complete with a full set of cover clips. 

    ProLast™ covers make protecting your investment both stylish and simple. Engineered for durability from superior material, ProLast™ Covers are 25% lighter for easier handling and add a premium touch to your outdoor decor. These custom hot tub covers will properly fit your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub to increase energy efficiency and maintain cleaner water longer.

    -Lighter than vinyl covers for ease of use without losing durability
    -Tested for reliability under extreme conditions to ensure your hot tub stays protected
    -UV resistant and water resistant to maintain colour and quality of your cover longer
    -Easy to clean with a nylon brush and mild soap with most stains
    -Made with durable, marine-grade material to ensure your hot tub is protected in any weather

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