Chill Tub Essential Bath
Chill Tub Essential Bath
Chill Tub Essential Bath
Chill Tub Essential Bath
Chill Tub Essential Bath
Chill Tub Essential Bath
Chill Tub Essential Bath
Chill Tub Essential Bath

Chill Tub Essential Bath

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Chill Tubs Essential Bath

Introducing the Chill Tubs Essential Bath, the newest member of our Ice Bath collection. This inflatable tub caters to both newcomers and seasoned ice bath enthusiasts. When fully inflated, its sturdy, reinforced PVC walls provide an excellent setting for your cold plunge sessions.

The insulated design of both the tub and its thermal lid ensures the water can stay as cold as three degrees, shielding it from external weather conditions. Dive into the refreshing experience with the Chill Tubs Essential Bath, a perfect choice for recovery and boosting your overall well-being.



  • Materials : Ultra-Durable Reinforced PVC
  • Dry Weight :  18kg
  • Water Capacity : 498 Litres
  • Draining : Hose pipe connection
  • Antifreeze : Function Prevents the formation of ice or frost
  • Ozone : Purification Built in ozone and filter system for clear water
  • Cover : Free Thermo Lid Cover Included
  • Inflate : High Pressure Structure - max 10 Psi (0.68 Bar)


What’s In The Box?

  • Every Chill Tub Essential Pod includes
  • Chill Tubs Essential Pod
  • Protective Thermo Lid
  • Digital user Manual
  • Carry Bag and Strap
  • Floor Pump
  • Repair Kit


Benefits of a Chill Tub

Some of the potential benefits include reducing muscle soreness, improving recovery time, decreasing inflammation and improving circulation.

It’s important to note that Chill Tubs are not suitable for everyone and can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for some individuals. It’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new recovery routine.

In addition to physical benefits, the Chill Tub may have mental health benefits. Use of the Chill Tub may help improve your mood and increase mental alertness.

Who can use a Chill Tub

Chill Tubs are suitable for most people, most of the time, however we recommend to take a cautious approach and we would advise that people with reduced mobility, sensory, and/or cognitive abilities only use the Chill Tub if supervised and only if they have the knowledge necessary to use the equipment safely, as well as to understand the dangers arising from improper use.

Tolerance to cold water varies from person to person and we recommend being mindful of gradually building up the duration of use with the Chill Tub and be cautious when using it alone.

Children must be supervised near the Chill Tub to make sure they do not play with the equipment and do not carry out operations to be performed by adults (cleaning cycles/maintenance). Always attach the cover when not in use. Small children are not advised to use the Chill Tub.

Pregnant women should talk to a doctor first, low temperatures are not advised. Anybody under medical care, such as people with heart conditions, diabetes, high or low blood pressure or other health problems must not use the Chill Tub without first consulting their doctor. People with infectious diseases should not use the Chill Tub without first consulting their doctor.

Can I use a Chill Tub after drinking alcohol

Do not use the Chill Tub after drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs. The use of alcohol or drugs can greatly increase the risk of fatal hypothermia when using the Chill Tub. 

How long should I stay in the Chill Tub

The amount of time you can spend in cold water without suffering from hypothermia is determined by the water temperature, your body size and shape, your level of cold adaptation and your experience, among other factors. Check with your doctor as relevant. Start with safe, short dips of 30 seconds to learn what your limits are. If you begin to feel uncomfortable or you start to shiver, listen to your body, get out and slowly warm up by walking around. If you like, you can check the water temperature before entering the bath, to ensure that it is at temperature that is suitable for your experience in cold exposure. The temperature of the water is displayed as default on the control panel.

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