Swimlife SwimStream

Swimlife SwimStream

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Swimlife SwimStream
The all NEW Swimlife SwimStream is the best mini pool for you and the family. The Swimlife SwimStream is kitted out with 2 high-volume swimming jets. These swimming jets are completely adjustable, you can change the amount of pressure and speed. A wide swim lane creates the perfect swimming environment, added with the non-slip surfaces, two amazing relaxing hydrotherapy seats for the ultimate relaxation after a workout.

Shell Dimensions: 441.96 x 236.22 x 133.99cm
Water capacity: 7220L
Weight Full: 8369kg
Weight Empty: 1149kg
Hydrotherapy Seats: 2

Swim Life

For centuries, people have flocked to public pools to take advantage of the health benefits of swimming. Today, people around the world continue to agree that there is nothing that can give the same exercise value as swimming. The fact that it is a no impact activity that uses every muscle, swimming is still looked
at as being the number one activity for healthy people. While public pools are easy to find, the inconvenience of having to drive to the health centre or swimming pool to swim with other people makes it difficult to follow a routine. The modern homeowner can easily bring this experience to their backyards with a swim spa. 

The Swim Experience
There are 4 things to look for when researching the swim experience of a swimspa. The first is the pump design, Make sure the system has enough power to achieve the results of the user. Whether you are an every day athlete or a triathlete, the power of the pumping system including the size of the plumbing
will help determine your experience. The Second thing to look for is the Swim Jet System. Look for a system that provides a smooth turbulence-free swim current.
Make sure that the swim jets have a consistent flow rate that is able to produce a current that is flat, powerful. The third thing is the ability to “Dial In” the resistance. This will allow the swimmer the ability to customize their swim and achieve the desired results. Adjustability of the current is crucial for a high level swimmer as it allows for interval training while at the same time providing a lower level for all other swimmers. The final feature that is crucial to the swim experience is the shell design. Having a wide and deep channel with no protruding steps or seats allows the swimmer an unobstructed swim with a more consistent smooth water flow. Look for the shell to produce little if any backsplash as it will push the swimmer out of the swim lane and disrupt the swim experience. Finally the shell should be designed to keep the swimmer in the swim lane. Look for stabilization jets that push the swimmer to the middle of the swim lane instead of any other type of strap or harness system. Also, make sure the unit has focus points like swim lines or LED lit swim jets to help the swimmer identify their position in the swim spa