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  • SwimFun 12 Swim Spa

    SwimFun 12 Swim Spa

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    Put the fun back into life with the SwimFun Swimming Pool. Perfect for fitness, fun and family time, the brand new 12ft swim spa from SwimLife™ will help you and your family get active and stay active.

    As the smallest addition to the SwimLife™ range, the SwimFun delivers all the benefits of a larger swim spa at an affordable price. With its compact size, the value-packed 12ft model combines hydrotherapy seating for three people with a maximised swimming area and two swim jets that complement the natural resista nce of water, so you never have to turn, touch the walls or push yourself forwards again.

    With entrance from three sides, this model offers a range of install options, requires minimal maintenance, and can be used all year long. Plus with a large inside surface and non-slip base, the SwimFun provides a safe and ideal environment for water-based workouts and to teach your children to swim, all from the comfort of your own home.

    Looking after your health and wellbeing has never been so fun!

    THE IDEAL UNIVERSAL ALL SEASON POOL Created to improve the quality of life for you and your family and built to last a lifetime.

    SWIMLIFE FILTRATION Experience the Micro-filtration system with its unique Dual Filtration technolgy. You can be assured that our all season pools will provide you with a clean and safe aquatic experience.

    SWIMLIFE FRAME The Solid State Frame provides a sturdy framework for anyone to attach the decking or stone work material to finish their all season pool project.

    SWIMLIFE MASSAGE The jets, the jet placement, and the seating make up a great massage. The combination of these three aspects set the industry stardard for hydrotherapy.

    SWIMLIFE INSULATION Ensure 365 days a year use and enjoyment thanks to the engineering of the heat sync blanket, hardcover, surface insulation, heat retention system, and vents.

    FUN & FITNESS One of the most overlooked areas in an all season pool is the ability of the unit to provide benefits outside the swim and massage. Some of the features to look for in an all season pool that can provide this type of an experience are fitness related. 

    Aquatic Circuit Training in all season pools increases your aerobic and strength levels and burns more calories than other forms of exercise. Rowing machines, tethered swim cords or in wall stair climbers provide you with a home gym that is both convenient and versatile.


    • Exercise
    • Swimming
    • Backyard Fun for Kids
    • Body Boarding and Knee Boarding

    SwimLife™ SwimFun 12 Features

    SOFT STRIDE MAT The Swimlife soft stride mat comes standard on the 12 ft SwimFun model for safe and optimal use of your All Season Pool.

    AQUAFLEX JET TECHNOLOGY There are two swim jets to provide a wide and deep current. The oval design flattens the water for a smoother swim.

    CONTROL PANEL Easily control and adjust jets and temperature through the Swimlife controls.

    SWIMLIFE SEATING The Swimfun model features 4 fully jetted seats along with bench seating around the perimeter of the spa.

    SwimLife™ SwimFun 12 Specification

    Hydrotherapy Seating:

    3 Seats


    3810 x 2370 mm


    1940 mm

    Dry Weight:

    900 kg

    Filled Weight:

    6,535 kg


    5,635 Ltr

    Total Hydrotherapy Jets:


    Swim Jets:






    Control System:


    Ozone System:

    ClearBlue™ Mineral System


    Heat retention system


    StormShield Hard Cover included


    2 x 50sqft


    Waterfall, jet and underwater




    40 amps





    Aqua Fitness Package:


    Aqua Rowing Kit:


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