Hot Tub Cover Cap

Hot Tub Cover Cap

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Hot Tub Cover Cap
Tough and durable, the cover cap is designed to protect your insulated hot tub cover during the winter months. Made from woven polyethylene it's tough, durable and protects your hot tub cover from harsh weather, dirt and debris.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 226cm x 226cm x 30cm
  • Fits most hot tubs
  • Elastic sewn into 12" (30.5cm) hemmed skirt for snug fit
  • Easily fits over a ridged hot tub cover,
  • Protects your hot tub cover from harsh weather, dirt and debris
  • Colour: Light Gray

This cover is designed to protect your expensive insulating hot tub cover from tree sap, ice, snow, harsh rain and intense sun. The spa Cover Cap with a 30cm skirt features an elastic hem for easy installation and removal. 

This cover cap is not a safety cover or an insulating hot tub cover. It is not designed for or intended to be a replacement for a standard insulating foam core hot tub cover.

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