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  • Aqua Comb Hot Tub Filter Cleaner

    Aqua Comb Hot Tub Filter Cleaner

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    Combined with a Quality Spray Cleaner Makes Cleaning Hot Tub  Filters a Breeze

    How does a Spa Aqua Comb work?

    Spray your Spa cartridge filter with a quality filter cleaner; let is sit 5 minutes. The cleaner helps kill any active bio-matter on the filter and loosens and softens the body and scented oils built up on the filter. The Spa Aqua Comb combines a flat 3” wide spray that acts like a wall with medium length fingered pic-comb that opens the pleats for the spray to reach in and allow the combs to scrub the pleat walls and dig out the dead bio-material, softened oils and other debris that accumulates.


    • Powerful Water Spray
    • With Spray Cleaner it Fully Cleans Filters
    • Regular filter cleaning combined with proper chemical balance will provide a clean safe spa experience

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