Alexander Rose Cologne Stacking String Armchair

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900STR Cologne Stacking String Armchair

W:60cm D:59cm H:83cm

Stainless Steel

The Alexander Rose Cologne range utilizes rectangular stainless steel tubes in conjunction with Roble timber slats, ceramic tabletops and sling chairs, all beautifully complementing each other and offering a superb choice of outdoor furniture sets. Alexander Rose use 304 grade stainless steel tubular sections with a high nickel and chrome content that forms chromium oxide, which prevents the furniture from corrosion. It has a 10 year warranty and a durability of up to 25 years.

The string used on Alexander Rose’s 900STR Stacking Armchair has a 5mm diameter and a solid HDPE core with a knitted polypropylene sleeve. It has a 3 year warranty and a durability of up to 10 years.