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  • Hot Tub Spa Fresh

    Hot Tub Spa Fresh

    Book a hot tub spa fresh to keep your hot tub running smoothly and efficiently. Either as a one off job or as part of a 3 monthly programme. If pre-arranged, we will replace filters and top up your chemical supplies at an additional charge.

    • Complete System Flush – A chemical wash out of the pumps and pipework using a chemical cleaner to remove any build up of hard water scale, biofilm, bacteria and dirt that may have accumulated.
    • Clean and Degrease filters using a cleaning solution (Note filters are very important for the smooth running of the hot tub and older filters may need replacing)
    • Empty, Deep Cleanse, wet vacuum and rinse shell plus wipe clean cabinet
    • Hot Tub Refilled with fresh water
    • Hot Tub Restarted and check all working correctly
    • Initial Water Balance using the customer's chemicals
    • Clean and Inspect cover and clean inside and outside with protective cleaner
    • Service Report with comments and advice

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